Tamamo Saijou (西条 玉藻, Saijou Tamamo) is a former assassin and a student of Sumiyuri Private Academy.


Tamamo spoke very slowly and had a slovenly attitude, like she was tired of life itself. She had a habit of slowly shaking her head from side to side, like she was suffering from some kind of pain.

She told I that she had her own goals, and requested the he doesn't dismiss their existences as simply "abnormal".

Based on her epithet and attitude, it was heavily implied she was terminally ill.



Tamamo Saijou at 10 years old.

Tamamo has short and messily cut green hair and green eyes. She wears the Sumiyuri Academy uniform but cut and slashed in many places. She wears gloves that go up to her elbows, and green stockings with a polka dot pattern.

When she was ten years old, she wore a torn up gym shirt, bloomers, differently colored polka dot-patterned stockings, and sneakers.


When she was ten years old, she teamed up with Hitoshiki Zerozaki and Izumu Niounomiya in order to assassinate Nao Kunagisa.


Hanging High SchoolEdit

She attacks I after he leaves Noa Origami's room. She quickly overpowers him, and first interrogates him, before contacting who she assumes to be the dean. In actuality, the person on the other end was Ichihime Yukariki, who comes to rescue I right before Tamamo kills him. Ichihime knocks Tamamo out.

While preparing her string to rappel down the window, Ichihime ties a bit of string around Tamamo's head without I noticing, and decapitates her at the same time the two climb down.

Later, Shiogi Hagihara "recycles" Tamamo's head by using in in her surprise attack against Ichihime and I.

Kishishiki Zerozaki's Human KnockEdit


Blade User: Tamamo is very proficient at using her blades, being able to hold her own against a young Hitoshiki Zerozaki when she was only ten.


  • Tamamo, her first name, is written with the characters for "jewel" and "seaweed" (玉, Tama = Jewel, Ball; 藻, Mo = Seaweed, Duckweed).
  • Saijou, her last name, is written with the characters for "west" and "clause" (西, Sai = West; 条, Jou = Article, Clause).
  • Yamitsuki, her epithet, is written with the kanji 闇突, meaning "dark stab", but is pronounced the same as Yamitsuki (病み付き) meaning "to fall ill", another clue to point to the fact that she is terminally ill.