Psycho Logical (Part One): Gaisuke Utsurigi's Nonsense Killer (サイコロジカル〈上〉兎吊木垓輔の戯言殺し, Saiko Rojikaru (Jou): Utsurigi Gaisuke no Zaregoto Goroshi) is the fourth book in the Zaregoto light novel series.


I and Tomo visit a secret laboratory to rescue one of her hacker friends.



Day 1 (1) - The End of Correctness

Day 1 (2) - Punishment and Punishment

Day 1 (3) - Blue Cage

Day 1 (4) - Mild Laugh and Night Assault

Day 2 (1) - The Beginning, Belatedly


Name Description
Tomo KunagisaDead Blue (The Blue of the Verge of Death)
Neon SuzunashiGuardian
Me (Narrator)Nineteen-year-old
Kyouichirou ShadouMad Demon (Fallen Indulgence)
Shito OogakiAssistant
Misachi UzeSecretary
Hinayoshi KoutariResearcher
Furuara NeoResearcher
Kokoromi MiyoshiResearcher
Kasuga KasugaiResearcher
Gaisuke UtsurigiGreen Green Green (Malignant Bacteria)
Jun AikawaContractor
Kouta IshimaruGreat Thief
Itoshiki ZerozakiIntruder


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