Maki Himena (姫菜 真姫, Himena Maki), real name Shinari Himena (姫菜 詩鳴, Himena Shinari), is a genius fortune-teller and Esper.


Maki has low blood pressure, so she is not energetic in the mornings. A cynic through and through, Maki constantly picks on I due to his personality, as she despises those who push responsibility on others. She considers her abilities limited, and claims she would rather be able to teleport.[1]


Maki has blond hair, which she does up in one or two ponytails.


Maki uses her supernatural abilities to advise politicians and corporate clients. When I and Maki first met, I offended her by asking for a reading. She gave him a piece of paper with his answers to her questions already printed on it, then stormed off.[1]


The Beheading CycleEdit

On the morning of I's third day on the island, Maki meets him at breakfast. She lectures him on his shortcomings, then storms off when he thinks her creepy. At dinnertime, all twelve residents of the island gather together to eat. She starts harping on I once more, deriding his personality, though she stops when Tomo Kunagisa intervenes. After dinner, she ends up in the living room with Shinya Sakaki, being served by Hikari Chiga. When I and Tomo come in, Maki starts taunting I again. She picks out his character flaws, and dissects his relationship with Tomo. When an earthquake hits the island, Maki is unsurprised, and reports that no one has been hurt.[1]


ESP: An Esper, Maki has the ability to see the past (retrocognition), see the future (precognition), and read minds (telepathy). Tomo's catch phrase for Maki is: "The telepath who knows the past, the future, human beings, the world, and all inside it." Maki describes her ability as watching multiple televisions at once, which she cannot turn off and with channels she cannot change. However, there are some people who Maki cannot read, a phenomenon which puts her in a bad mood.[1] Maki can only see into the future two more years; up to the date of her death.


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