Kishishiki Zerozaki (零崎 軋識, Zerozaki Kishishiki), also known as Kishiki Shikigishi (式岸 軋騎, Shikigishi Kishiki), is one of the three "Heavenly Zerozaki Kings" of the Zerozaki Clan.


Kishishiki is serious about his job as an assassin and acts as a professional. He doesn't think of Hitoshiki Zerozaki as family, telling Soushiki Zerozaki that if he becomes a disability to the Clan, he will kill him. This shows that Kishishiki is a fairly cold individual. He is a realist, and doesn't believe that ideals have any place in the world of killing. He thinks there's no use in thinking of reasons for murder.

Of the "Heavenly Zerozaki Kings", he is rather important, as he is treated as basically the representative of the clan. This puts a lot of responsability on him, and he always considers the family most important.

Hitoshiki Zerozaki refers to him as "Admiral". He refers to Soushiki as "Ren", based on his epithet, Mind Render, and Soushiki refers to him as "Ous", based on Kishishiki's epithet, Seamless Pious.

He has a hobby of browsing the internet, and prefers doing so to killing. However, he doesn't let this be detrimental to his job. As a former member of Team, much like everyone else in the group, he sees Tomo Kunagisa as a Tyrant.


He is a fairly tall and fairly muscular man with tanned skin and green eyes.

As Kishishiki, he has white-dyed short, slicked back hair with lime green highlights and wears a brown sun hat on his head. His attire consists of a white tank-top, large, green striped trousers, and lime green sandals, with a green cloth tied to his ankles. He carries his weapon, a bat with nails in it, inside a sheath.

As Kishiki, he has his natural black hair, and wears a black striped suit, with a light green undershirt, and a green tie.


Kishiki was formerly a part of Cluster, the team of hackers lead by Tomo Kunagisa.


Kishishiki Zerozaki's Human KnockEdit


Praise of Folly: Kishishiki's weapon of choice, a bat covered with nails which he uses to brutally murder his opponents.


Hacking Expert: Being a former member of Cluster, he is an expert at hacking.

Zerozaki Killing Mentality: Since he is a Zerozaki, Kishishiki does have a killing mentality, however he doesn't really have any drive to kill, as he only does it as a job, in order to protect the family.

Fighter: He is a very strong individual, being able to easily defeat his enemies in close quarters combat.


  • Kishishiki's given name can be translated to "knowing friction" or "knowing strife" (軋, Kishi = To Creak, To Grate, Friction, Strife; 識, Shiki = Know).
  • Shikigishi, his alias' last name, is written with the characters for "system" and "beach" (式, Shiki = Method, Function, System; 岸, Kishi = Beach). The "system" part of his name might be a reference to his job of hacking in Team, where he uses this name.
  • Kishiki, his alias's first name, can be roughly translated to "equestrian friction" (軋, Kishi = To Creak, To Grate, Friction, Strife; 騎, Ki = Equestrian, Riding on Horses).
  • His name is a palindrome in Japanese, as it is read the same forwards and backwards: きししき (Ki Shi Shi Ki). The same can be said about the last name of his alias, Shikigishi, although the second "Ki" is pronounced as "Gi" in a compound: しきぎし (Shi Ki Gi Shi).