Izumu Niounomiya (匂宮 出夢, Niounomiya Izumu) is a the strongest hitman of the Niounomiya Family and the split personality/older brother of Rizumu Niounomiya.


Izumu is a good friend and rival of Hitoshiki Zerozaki. He thinks fighting with hands is boring, so he wears a straitjacket as a fashion statement.


Izumu has a female body, with long, straight, black hair, and yellowish green eyes. He wears glasses with green rims on his forehead, and wears a green straitjacket, and green high heeled shoes.


Izumu killed Hitoshiki's entire class, causing him to drop out of middle school.


Cannibal MagicalEdit


Overwhelming Strength: Izumu is the most powerful hitman of the Niounomiya Family, the strongest of the Killing Names. He can easily overwhelm the strongest assassins of the Sawarabi Branch Family.


  • Niounomiya comes from the name of the character Nio no Miya in the story Genji Monogatari by Murasaki Shikibu.
  • Izumu, his first name, can be translated as "exiting an illusion" (出, I = Leave, Exit; 夢, Tsumu = Dream, Vision, Illusion), and is usually a female name.