Hitoshiki Zerozaki (零崎 人識 Zerozaki Hitoshiki), formerly Toshiki Migiwame (汀目 俊希, Migiwame Toshiki), is a member of the Zerozaki Clan and the serial killer of the Kyoto serial murder case.

Personality Edit

Hitoshiki is eccentric to the point he thinks of killing as the most normal thing in the world. He calls himself a brat and says everyone was once a brat. When he isn't murdering anyone, Hitoshiki has a casual personality and manner of speaking, traits which go well with his appearance, although he is quite intelligent and well-read.

Hitoshiki is described as the mirror image of I, and what I would become if he did not hold back. He is what Shiogi Hagihara would describe as an "Aimless Equation". His catchphrase is "What a riot!", a counterpart to "Nonsense.", which is I's catchphrase.

Although Hitoshiki is a member of the Zerozaki family, he only considers Soushiki as true family, and so it takes him a while to warm up to Iori Mutou. Although he doesn't show it, he cares a lot for his brother.

Appearance Edit

As Hitoshiki, he has a tattoo on the right side of his face, white dyed hair tied up, three earrings on the right ear, and one cellphone strap on the left ear. He is about 150cm tall. He always wears a vest full of knives, and underneath he wears a black shirt and red hoodie. He also wears grey camo shorts and black military boots.

As Toshiki, he has his natural black hair and doesn't tie it. He has his signature face tattoo, but doesn't have his earrings. He wears a simple black school uniform.

History Edit

Hitoshiki was born into the Zerozaki Clan, family of unreasonable serial killers gathered by their own thirst for blood rather than blood relationships. Hitoshiki was born to two of these members, being the only pure-blooded Zerozaki. He was raised mostly by his older brother, Soushiki Zerozaki. He has grown to become a murderer who slaughtered more than a dozen people in Kyoto in just a few days.

Plot Edit

Soushiki Zerozaki's Human ExperimentEdit

After he killed Yumiya Sawarabi, the remaining Sawarabi brothers started to hunt down the Zerozaki in an effort to get their revenge on him.

When he entered Iori Mutou's town, he immediately got attacked by Kujika Hanamaki, who tried to kill him in order to save Iori from the Sawarabi, but easily defeated him with his newly learned Zig Zag String Technique. Then, he visited Iori's school, and discovered Jion Tsuge's corpse, hidden by one of Tokei Tokinomiya's barriers. He immediately understood the situation from the state of the corpse.

Later, he showed up in the forest where the Sawarabi kidnapped Iori, and killed Naguma Sawarabi. Then he showed up to the place where Iori and Soushiki were fighting Hawatari Sawarabi, and helped them defeat him. After that, Soushiki finally passed away from his wound, and his two siblings talked about him for a while.

Later, Hitoshiki and Iori were riding a train, and Hitoshiki explained to Iori about his meeting with I and about Jun Aikawa following him. At that moment, she showed up and stopped the train with her bare hands, and faced the two. Hitoshiki prepared himself to fight her, and Iori spoke her new name for the first time, Maiori Zerozaki.

Kishishiki Zerozaki's Human KnockEdit

Hitoshiki, at this point in time still in middle school, is by his big brother Soushiki to assist Seamless Pious Kishishiki Zerozaki with his job, in order to gain "field experience". He drags his companion to a restaurant and uses his money to buy a giant parfait. There, the two speak about the job, and Kishishiki tells him that his role is to kill every person in the apartment where the targets are located, in order to cover the Zerozaki's traces. Hitoshiki is a little put off by this, but after his superior tells him that he should be willing to do anything for the family, Hitoshiki accepts.

After arriving at the building on Kishishiki's motorbike, Hitoshiki enters first, with Kishishiki following after five minutes, as he doesn't want to get caught up in the pure-blooded Zerozaki's "indiscriminate carpet-bombing". When Hitoshiki meets up again with his partener again, having finished his killing, he is shot at by Shiogi Hagihara, and Kishishiki kicks him out of the bullet's way, saving him. After that, the the two hide behind a wall, in order to save themselves from the assassin sent after them.

Strangulation Romanticist Edit

Hitoshiki starts following I with the intent to make him a victim of his killings. I notices him, and leads him under a bridge, where they face off. Hitoshiki almost kills him, trying to stab him, but I has his fingers ready to gouge out his eyes. Hitoshiki stops his attack, and introduces himself to I. After that, they spend the entire night talking, and become friends of some kind.

Later, the two meet up again at karaoke place, and after talking some more, they leave for Tomoe Emoto's apartment building. After they break in using Hitoshiki's knife, they investigate the apartment. When they are done, they go on their different ways without saying goodbye to each other.

The next time the two meet, Hitoshiki saves I's life from Muimi Atemiya. After Hitoshiki defeats Atemiya, I faints. When he wakes up, he is inside his apartment building next to Hitoshiki, who explains that he brought I there and, with the help of Miiko Asano, treated his wounds. After talking for a bit, Hitoshiki leaves.

In an effort to stop the killings, Jun Aikawa was hired by the police. After prying some information out of I, she confronts Hitoshiki. After fighting for a while, he runs away from Aikawa, figuring that he's no match for her.

The last time Hitoshiki and I meet, the two go to Atemiya's apartment to wrap up the incident. Hitoshiki waits outside, and after I comes out, Hitoshiki notices his serious injuries, and the two go to the hospital. On the way, I explains the mystery. After arriving at the gate of the hospital, the two realize that this will probably be the last time they meet, and spend the next two hours just talking about nonsense. Hitoshiki asks I about a place where he will never go, and I responds with "Houston". Hitoshiki tells him that he will go there.

In the airport, he and Aikawa meet, and come to the agreement that if Hitoshiki stops killing, Aikawa will not follow him anymore. Hitoshiki agrees, and tells Aikawa about I's solution to the mystery.


Zerozaki Killing Mentality: Like the other members of the family, Hitoshiki is a natural-born killer, getting sudden urges to kill the people he meets, and has improved physical capability.

Knife Expert: Hitoshiki is masterful at using knives, being able to hold his own against even Jun Aikawa.

String User: During his trip around Japan he picked up the skill, and used it to kill Naguma Sawarabi and later Hawatari Sawarabi.

Mirror Image: While Hitoshiki is way stronger than him, he can never win in a fight to I, as they are so alike that they can both instantly read each other's movements. At the same time, they are also opposite counter-parts.


  • Hitoshiki's first name can be translated to "knowing humans" (人, Hito = Human; 崎, Shiki = Know).
  • Toshiki, his alias, can be translated to "phenomenal genius" (俊, Toshi = Genius, Excellence; 希, Ki = Rare, Few, Phenomenal).
  • Migiwame, his alias's last name, is written with the characters for "shore" and "eye" (汀, Migiwa = Shore, Water's Edge, Bank; 目, Me = Eye, Look).

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