Akari Chiga (千賀 あかり, Chiga Akari) is the eldest of the triplets who work as maids for Iria Akagami on Wet Crow's Feather Island.


Akari has an upheaval personality, but is very smart.


As triplets, Akari is identical in appearance to her sisters Hikari Chiga and Teruko Chiga.



The Beheading CycleEdit

At dinner on I's third day on the island, all twelve residents gather together to eat. After dinner, Akari directs I and Tomo Kunagisa to the living room to find Hikari.[1]


  • The maids' surname, Chiga, is presumed to be a play on "blood is", which is then followed by their names, all of which are a play on "light".


  1. Zaregoto light novel; Volume 1, Chapter 1

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